Villa Ric, table gourmande à saint-Céré, vue sur la vallée de la Dordogne

Villa Ric, table gourmande à saint-Céré, vue sur la vallée de la Dordogne

Some dishes that can make up the menus of our "gourmet evenings" (as an indication, depending on the market and the season):

- Cassolette of large shrimps, julienne of vegetables / Homemade duck foie gras, red onions jam / Tastous of hot poultry pâté, arugula and truffle oil / Scorpion sauerkraut salad, sweet spice vinaigrette.
- Sorbet with Cahors wine and tarragon.
- Hazelnuts leg of lamb Quercy, juice with herbs / Risotto with porcini mushrooms / Hot foie gras in a crust of potato / Cod mint with tomato and basil.
- Cheese
- Frozen soufflé, nougatine with walnut / Warm mellow hot chocolate with strawberry gratin, sabayon with orange / Chiboust with pears, chocolate sauce.


What they say about us:

"Well planted in a jumble of trees with a few gaps leading to a large format panorama and Red Label quality, this Villa Ric is ... part of these residences that will never really be hotels but simply houses, held by friends who take care of it in our absence and where we come back regularly because that is where the rest is, the real thing, everything is simple here, and pretty, some rooms with a tangy charm, just like the restaurant , and the atmosphere is all the more endearing as it is sincere and unpretentious.Except that of receiving with elegance, and feasting guests in an intimate setting that best serves the cuisine of the master of the house, Jean-Pierre Ric, unbeatable when it comes to reinventing, again and again, a tasty market cuisine that does not even have the time to bother residents in the long run since the chef has enough imagination to make not so quickly the turn of heated pool, park and garden, extra. (...) ".Champérard Premium Guide.